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I am a spiritual, intuitive healer and coach who finds enjoyment in all things mystic, self-development, and nature.  I dedicate my life to my souls mission: helping other women live and embody their feminine essence to live, love and lead in a new, expanded way. 

Hello There!

I was born and raised in Canada, where I enjoyed 10 years of my life while spending my days in nature and being creative. I then moved to Germany with my family and lived there for 12 years, finishing my high school degree and stepping into my then corporate job. I now live in Australia, where I feel like my heart calls me to be. 
I am a powerful, dedicated women who carries a gentle, loving heart and my vision has brought me to the place I am today. 
My healing journey started in Germany, when I was feeling disconnected and unexpressed when studying and then working in my corporate job. I had been living the masculine way of life for to long. I was disconnected from my inner flame and fire, silenced and uninspired. I felt stagnant, unheard and unseen, uncreative and not joyful. My inner knowing still managed to pass on messages to my mind - helping me realise that it was time for a shift. I was leaning towards the things that felt familiar to my soul, nurturing and warm. I helped myself with meditation, self help books, travel and visualisation techniques. Coming back to these things felt intuitive and supportive. 
But to really change my narrative and story, I knew I had to step into radical change. I quit my jobs and decided to travel again. 
During my time in Australia, I let go of the need to be something, I followed my intuition, I listened to my needs and values, and got clear on what person I wanted to embody. I felt and imagined what it would be like to live the life of the empowered, spiritual women that I was yearning to be. 

This was the turning point in my life. I decided to take the call from my inner being and fully trust that this was my path. My inner woman was howling and had no more patience. I did not know where this would all take me, but I decided to lean into the direction that felt empowering.
- Since then I have reconnected with my inner feminine, learned her ways, connected to her aspects, her archetypes, her cycles and have reclaimed my power. 
Learning that the masculine aspect of is needed as much as the feminine. Every strong woman needs boundaries, structures and a container to hold her creative flow. 
My Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) now work together in harmony. 
You do not need to feel without power, disconnected from your soul and all the juiciness that comes with being a woman. 
There is nothing for you to add to your being, it is a journey of uncovering, shedding and remembering. 
Take off the chains, drop the armour and follow the path of the awakened woman. She is calling you. 

Amy's words just flow into my soul and into my heart. I am so happy I reached out to Amy. I feel like spring inside literally and that something new and fresh is about to happen and come into my life. 

Anna Sun - Artist

Hope Walter - Artist

I just want to say thank you so much. Amy is such a wise and nice person. I felt all of what she said straight to the core of my heart. I personally love her attitude towards life and so many people can benefit from that, so thank you for being in service here.

Amy jumped in and ran our festival yoga session with very little notice and did an absolutely amazing job! We had approximately 40 people join in both days, and there was nothing but positive feedback. To be able to engage a group full of festival goers early in the morning outside in a field after a big night of partying is quite a skill - we are grateful we had Amy there to pull it off!

Jayden Bath - Festival Director

Laura Meuser

Talking to Amy really makes you feel seen and heard. You can notice that she genuinely wants to give her best to help other people and coaches with all her heart!
When talking to her, her calm nature makes me automatically feel at more peace myself and her words can really help you gain more clarity when those overwhelming thoughts hit you.
It’s highly inspirational to me to see someone so young, yet already so wise and with so much compassion for what she is doing. I highly recommend!
Thank you, Amy! 

Jo Lou 

Amy has a gift to closely listen, she's able to tap in to your inner thoughts and formulate the root cause and suggest ways to work through difficulties. Amy's wisdom is well beyond her years, she is approachable, empathetic and supportive while providing structured direction enabling you to achieve your goals.

Wes Scarpias Gonzales
       Actor & Creator

Amy is a beautiful soul I met at a yoga teacher training in Thailand. She is an absolute joy to be around. She walks the walk, and talks the talk. Amy is wise beyond her years and inspirational. She is constantly working on herself and is running down her spiritual path. I highly advocate for Amy, her ability to make you feel at ease, to feel heard, and her ability to help you listen to that inner knowing that we all have. A beautiful spiritual guide, a light worker, a resource we are lucky to have and one that I couldn’t recommend more. When someone actually wants to help, they find a way!

Brooklyn Connelly 
Creative Influencer

Amy is a beautiful soul to work with, she has so much compassion for what she is doing and speaking with her has been enlightening, she has help with clarity and has been an amazing support. She is really intune on emotions and I’ve been able to resonate with her on many levels. I’m excited to work with her more in the future and would highly recommend anyone to do the same. If you’re feeling stuck? Have so many ideas and plans but it’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to start? Amy is a blessing 🙏💖

Tahnee Mcduff

After speaking with Amy yesterday I feel completely inspired to take a look at my life from a completely different perspective. She is so relatable and easy to get along with and understand. the way she puts things that may have been previously stumping you in a way that just totally makes sense! Absolutely love her yin yoga and traditional Chinese medicine courses, I always feel so relaxed inspired after her classes :)
Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jacinda Kalischer

“Amy is incredible! Love all her classes she brings so much soul and heart into her practice and helps us quiet our mind while practicing. I especially loved how she brings the chakras into her practice for us to focus on, I haven't met anyone like her! I highly recommend”

Sigrid Tasies
Leadership Coach | Author | Speaker

"What I love about Amy is that she is constantly looking at where she gets to grow and expand, which is such an important quality to have as a human and specially as a Coach. Her desire to serve and support others is inspiring. She truly has a heart of gold."

Charlotte Gaillard

“I attended a few yoga lessons taught by Amy and I definitely recommend her. She's great at putting you at ease and making feel good with your body and yourself. Every class was a moment of mindfulness and relaxation. I also did two workshops: one on limiting believes and another on values where I learnt about myself and ways of improvements.

Thanks Amy for all your support."

Sharon Cotton

“It’s been a relaxing dreamy pleasure to be guided through yoga with Amy! Her sessions are holistic and always evolving to offer a total sense of contentment and peace on completion, knowing you have brought strength to your entire self. Amy’s warm nature makes you feel comfortable as soon as you enter the practice space. Thank you Amy!”

Sarah Matthews

“I have loved practicing yoga with Amy! Amy’s classes are warm and inviting and I always leave feeling calm and relaxed!“

Skye M. M.

“Thank you Amy for your wonderful energy and heart warming smile at each class. I loved being a part of your yoga journey here and left each of your sessions feeling much stronger & calmer in mind, body and soul.”

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